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FAQ - CSM Machinery


1.What is our advantage of plate rolling machine?What are our main products?
Sunrise Plate Rolling Machine Co., Ltd. is a collection research and development, production, sales in the integration of modern machine tool enterprises. We have established a sound marketing service team and a sound service network. It makes the CSM rolling machine, shearing machine, bending machine sell well all over the country, are exported to overseas markets, favored by the majority of customers.
Our company has obtained the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) ISO9001 quality management system certification enterprise. The bending machine has been approved by the Russian Federation quality management system certification.
The main products are machine, two roller bending machine, three roller bending machine, CNC bending machine, four roller bending machine, hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic shearing machine, bending machine and so on.

2.How to choose a appropriate rolling machine?

The bending machine model is in accordance with the China bending mechanical equipment number specified. W stands for bending forming machinery, 11 representatives of the three roller bending machine series, that is to say that W11 stands for three roller bending machine. While the W11- behind the digital representation of machine specifications (thickness *width). The representation of a W12 is four roller plate bending rolls series. W43 stands for the flattening machine series. W24 stands for three roller profile bending machine series, W25 stands for four roller bending machine series. The user can choose according to the specifications of the above machine type you want.
Rolling machine, which can bend steel or other metal, nonmetal material to workpieces that have corresponding curvature.When you are selecting bending machine,first you have to determine the required material, thickness and width, and the minimum diameter of the roll of drums roll material, and then consider whether there are other requirements.

3. How to correctly use the machine?
The relationship between the usual mechanical equipment operating efficiency and failure rate and operating personnel is very close, as the dangerous equipment operators, should learn more about some of the relevant knowledge in order to effectively avoid misoperation because some operators or accidents. Let us work together to understand the operational details of the safety requirements of rolling machine.

The first is the operation personnel to the operation environment around before operation in order, to maintain a good working environment, at the same time the operator must be wearing clean, avoid the operation in the process of roll angle in clothes, in the process of work must pay attention to the operator can stand on both sides of the workpiece before is the most reasonable position. If the operation of the process, to adjust the measurement of roundness of the words, then it must be shut down operation, prohibit the operation of the process of operation. Processing parts to the last time to leave a certain margin.

No operator on the cylinder has been rolling the measurement of roundness of the process, at the same time on the workpiece processing needs of the ban stand on. For some workpieces processing is difficult: such as thicker, or larger diameter, material hardness or higher strength, should be through a small amount of work at the same time to go through several times to work to achieve the effect will be made. For small diameter of the workpiece, should be placed in the middle of the roll roll to work.

4.I am an importer, can you supply the OEM service?
Yes, we can, please send me the details and we will assist you to place an order.


5.what services can we provide for foreign customers?
(1) Plate Rolling Machine process design service.
(2)Technical consulting and construction consulting services.
(3)Training service to plate rolling machine operators and maintenance technicians.
(4)Mechanical equipment matching, installing and debugging service.

6.Can I visit your factory?
Yes, sure. Please tell us your arrival location and time. For our location, please refer to our "contact us" page.