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Cone Rolling Machine,Cone Roll Forming Machine

Cone Rolling Machine,Cone Roll Forming Machine
Cone Bending Machine

Maximum thickness of coiled steel plate



Maximum diameter of crimp cone



Minimum diameter of crimp cone



Cone reel is powered by motor





BWD -2.0

Steel plate material


Stainless steel (yield strength 245Mp)

Maximum height of curling cone



Curling speed



Big head diameter of tapered roller



Small head diameter of tapered roller



Hydraulic motor



Hydraulic cylinder diameter



Cone Bending Machine

Technical Parameters:

1. Maximum thickness of coiled steel plate: 4mm

2. The largest diameter of the crimp cone: ø2200mm

3. The minimum diameter of the small mouth of the crimping cone: Ф30mm

4. The power of the cone reel is motor: model 1.1KW *3

5. Reducer: BWD -2.0

6. Steel plate material: stainless steel (yield strength≦245Mp)

7. The maximum height of the curling cone: 1200mm

8. Curling speed: 4 meters per minute

9.The diameter of the big head of the tapered roller: ø240mm

10. Diameter of small head of tapered roller: ø10mm

11. Hydraulic motor; 3 kilowatts

12. Hydraulic cylinder diameter; 140

Equipment overview:

1. This machine is a hydraulic cone three-roller symmetrical cone reeling machine. The upper roller moves up and down in a symmetrical position at the center of the two lower rollers. The adjustment power is obtained through the hydraulic cylinder. The front and rear parts can be adjusted freely to ensure the size of the cone curling. It is characterized by safety and stability. The three cone rollers are respectively driven by a reducer and are mechanically driven. Integral structure, simple foundation and easy to move. The maximum coil thickness is 4mm, the maximum coil width is 1200mm, the yield limit of the plate is 245MPa, electric rolling, hydraulic pressure.

Cone Bending Machine
Cone Bending Machine

Basic equipment configuration:

1. Work roll: three rolls are solid, with taper, material 45# round steel. The three rollers are solid rollers, which are processed in one piece.

2. Frame: machined by machine tool to ensure assembly accuracy, concentricity and parallelism. The base and the support are processed by part of the machine tool to improve the assembly accuracy and the accuracy and life of the equipment. The frame is the main force-bearing component of the machine and equipment. It must have sufficient strength and rigidity. It adopts a steel plate integral welded structure. The welding seam is strictly inspected to eliminate internal stress. The left and right columns are fixed on the base with screws, and the middle is connected by connecting rods, so that the frame is guaranteed to be in a precise position.Processing process: CNC cutting of steel plate→part processing groove→welding→vibration aging→boring machine processing.

3. The main motor is 1.1KW and the main reducer is BWD.