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Plate roller

Plate roller
W12NC-40×3000 plate bending machine



Thk. of bending plate



Thk. of pre-bending


Width of bending plate


Effective length of the rollers



Yield Strength of Plate



Min. reel dia. with max.size



Diameter of Roller














Induction Hardened Roll


Roll Profile


Lifting Mode


Lifting Synchronous Precise/Accuracy



All Bearing Brand

Self aligning roller bearing

Conical Bending Device


Driving Mode

Motor + reducer

Control System

Control Mode


Display of position & displacement




Electrical Part System


Plate Bending Speed


about 3.5

Descending/Ascending Speed of bottom roller


About 160

Descending/Ascending Speed of side roller


About 300

Main Power Motor



Hydraulic System

Max. Working Pressure







Electrical & Hydraulic Protection Againts Overload


Construction Steel Material


Side Support for Big Sheet Metal Diameters


Central Support for Big sheet Metal Diameters


Feeding Table


Oil Cooler System


W12NC-40×3000 plate bending machine


Through the Electro-hydraulic directional control valve ,can control the bottom roller up-and-down movement and also the arc movement of two side rollers. Through hydraulic-control non-return valve ,the working roller can stay at any position.

Plate bending machine
W12-30×3000 4 roller bending machine

Dumping cylinder’s return circuit has one-way throttle valve, can adjustment suitably for the working structure speed.

The all hydraulic system has reasonable design , reliable in working and equipped with high-precision oil and oil filter to ensure the clean of the hydraulic system oil. The pipe system is reasonable placed, convenient in operation and flexible in action to guarantee the non leakage of the system.

The electronic control system

The system use touth-screen system and has adopt JAPAN OMRON illigent PLC and the input and output module.After all clients’ usage practice ,they have the good stability and strong anti-interference and anti-seismic ability.

The sensor adopt high-precision encode to ensure the position precision and monitor all rollers working position. The high voltage parts adopt all the components from China joint famous enterprise has long-term usage and seldom broken character.

Plate roller
W12-30×3000 4 roller bending machine

A. To control the working roller synchronization movement automatially

Control the bottom roller vertical movement synchronization, the synchronization precision is ±0.2MM.

Control two side rollers synchronization movement,the synchronization precision is ±0.2MM.

B. display real-time date and all rolling information and plate-rolling information.

The bottom roller’s two side has real time date.

The two sides of side rollers has real time date.

C. control system has warning messenger to timely know what happened for convenient operation and maintenance.


Plate bending machine
W12-30×3000 4 roller bending machine

Body from the base, a fixed side frame and the tip side of the rack, and each part is steel welded structure.Were fixed with bolts on both sides of the rack in the base and sides of the rack will be used to connect beams connected to rigidity good.Both sides of the rack up roller and side rollers with movement of rail, fixed on the side of the rack with roller bearing for half of the closed frame structure, has overturned overturned side rack shelf support devices. Coil force in the process of both sides of the rack by the bear from the base not only supports the weight of the machine to ensure the accuracy of the role of equipment, but also enables a torque between the drive and chassis balance, and will join into one machine. In the now traditional large-scale four-roller bending machine body and the main gear is separate from the base installation.

Upper roll device

The up roller gear drive from the main for turning, the ends of the SP-1 bearing support, drive-side through the flat key, off the main drive gear and connect the device to transfer torque, tip-side with the protection of Steel .

The material of the up roller is 42CrMo, heat hardening is HB220-300.

Main drive device:

By the Y2 motor, three speed reduction gear, transmission torque to the roller. In the high speed shaft of reducer with putting the power hydraulic brake.Power supply is 380V/50Hz.

 Down roller device:

Down roller supports under the bearing, the bearing housings on both sides of the rack mounted inside the track, the bottom of the piston and cylinder connected. Bearing in the liquid under pressure can rise and fall along the rail, according to the size of the thrust rod, steel plate under the roller clamping force required by the hydraulic system pressure control valve be adjusted.Addition of the down lower rollers can roll adjustment, improve the accuracy of product under the same material heat treatment hardening is HB220-280.

 Side roller device:

Side of the roller bearing in the radial bearing pedestal, bearing on both sides of the rack mounted inside the track, the bottom of the piston and oil cylinder connected. Bearing in the liquid under pressure, can be tilted up and down along the rail, the size of the piston rod of the thrust force according to the needs of steel plate by the hydraulic system pressure control valve be adjusted.The side roll quality alloy steel, heat treatment hardening is HB220-280.

 Overturn device:

Overturn device through the oil cylinder , hinges torn off and driving overturned on a roller bearing aircraft overturned in order to remove products.

 Hydraulic system(parts)

Hydraulic system consists of gear pump, valve, fluid connectors, hydraulic accessories.Superposition valve series hydraulic valves used, piping layout simple and easy to maintain debugging.

Plate bending machine
W12-30×3000 4 roller bending machine