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2 Roller Bending Machine
2 Roll Plate Roller
2 Roller Bending Machine
2 Roll Plate Roller

2 Roll Plate Roller

Two Roll Plate Bending Machines:The sheet material can be processed and formed at one time, without obvious straight edges, and the winding circle has high precision. It is an efficient, high-precision, and highly automated coil processing equipment.

2 Roller Plate Rolling Machine

  • The upper roller of the Plate Roller acts on the piston for vertical lifting movement through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder in the central symmetric position of the two lower rollers. The final gear of the main reducer drives the two lower roller gears to engage in rotary motion to provide torque for the rolled plate. .
  • The flat plastic sheet of the Plate Roller passes through the three work rolls (two lower rolls and one upper roll) of the equipment, and the metal plate is continuously bent in multiple passes by the lower pressing of the upper roll and the rotating motion of the lower roll. , producing permanent plastic deformation, rolling into the desired cylinder, cone or part of them.
2 Roll Plate Roller
W10 2 Roller Plate Rolling Machine
2 Roll Plate Roller
W10 2 Roller Plate Rolling Machine

2 Roller Plate Rolling Machine Production Line

The hydraulic automatic 2 Roll Plate Roller Production Line is an automatic metal coil processing production equipment developed on the basis of the 2 Roller Bending Machine.

It realizes automatic delamination of plates, automatic material feeding, automatic feeding, automatic material feeding and automatic feeding. Automatic production of materials, automatic coiling, automatic discharging and other processes.

W10 2 Roll Plate Roller

  High degree of automation can effectively guarantee product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and reduce labor intensity.

It is widely used in the rapid mass production of thin-walled tubes, automobile oil drums, ventilation pipes, chimneys, filters, solar water heaters, automobile exhaust pipes, liquid storage (gas) tanks, etc.

2 Roll Plate Roller
2 Roller Plate Rolling Machine

Before consulting the two-roller rolling machine, you need to fill in the following form data so that we can recommend the two roller bending machine


(circle round shape )

Plate Width

Plate Thickness

Rolling Diameter

Plate Material

(actually get to know the Yield strength of limited
























































Note: For 2 roller plate rolling machine, different material and thickness usually affect the rolling diameter. Each rolling specification needs each mould normally.

Please fill your information in the chart carefully.

Download parameter table file:Specifications

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