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Plate roller?

Plate Rroller is a machine tool for continuous bending of the plate, with the function of rolling O-type, U-shaped, multi-segment R and other different shapes of the plate. The metal sheet can be rolled into a circular, curved and tapered workpiece with in a certain range by bending machine.

Plate roller also been called Plate rolling machine or Plate bending machine. Plate roller can be divided into different types due to the use in different industries. From the number of rollers is divided into:

Plate roller From the transmission it is divided into mechanical and hydraulic rolling machine.

2 Roll Plate roller
2 Roll Plate roller

2 Roll Plate Roller

The upper roller of 2 Roll Urethane Plate Bending Machine is the rigid metal roller and the lower roller is the elastic roller covered by high strength polyurethane material. It can be adjusted vertically.

A 2 roll plate bender is capable of creating cylinder shapes, semi-circles, and other basic curved shapes. Machines consist of two rollers between which the sheet metal is passed, and then the force of the rolling causes the metal to bend into the desired circular shape.

Some models do provide the ability to create flanges, but they do not support cones or other detailed geometric shapes.


Do not need to bend the end, with fast processing speed;

It is possible to do high precision shaping in one stroke;

Even through punching, cutting, rolling, metal plate will not produce crack and irregular warping.

Do not create wrinkles, do not cause scratches on the surface of the parts;

If increase the rolling reduction, even the two roller spacing changed, but the diameter of the parts don’t change, so the requirement for precision is not high, and the use of apparatus is simple.


Due to each change in the diameter of the making parts need to make guide roller wheel, it is not suitable for multi-variety and small-batch production.

It cannot be processed with thick plate and the maximum thickness of the plate is 6 ~ 9mm.

2 Roll Plate Bending Machine

3 Roller Bending Machine
3 Roller Bending Machine

Max.Roll Thickness


Max.Roll Width


Top Roller Diameter


Bottom Roller Diamater


Central Distance





3 Roller Bending Machine

3 roller bending machines can perform the same functions as 2 roll bending machines.

The key difference is that, with 3 roll bending, you have greater control over the desired output shape.

The most common ones support single-pinch bending functions, which require inserting the sheet metal twice to pre-bend both ends.

However, there are also double-pinch models available to make pre-bending processes on both ends easier, faster, and more precise.

There are many kinds of 3 Roller Bending Machine, which can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic types. If distinguished from the structure, it can be divided into inclined three rolls plate rolling machine, horizontal under roller move type and geometric variable type.


Easy to use.

Easy to operate, no cumbersome steps are required.

CNC have Clear operation and various bending options.

The possibility of error is small

It can bending medium thickness plate without slipping.

For the conditions and requirements of the roller, the manufacturer can also provide customers with solutions and methods in the first time.

Machine cleaning is also very convenient.

In terms of materials, cleaning and maintenance are very easy.

Low maintenance rate

Can replace upper roller with different diameter

Can equip with numerical control system with PLC

Low requirement for the operator

Almost has no pre-curving linear segment

Horizontal feeding

Does not need to equip with expensive side push device

Able to rolling large angle conical workpiece

Price below the four roller plate bending rolls with same bending ability.


The rolling speed is a bit slower than 4 rolls plate bending machine

Can’t rolling multi-segment arc shape.

3 Roller Bending Machine

4 Roll Plate roller
4 Roll Plate roller
ModelMax pre-bending thickness(mm)Max bending thickness(mm)Diameter of upper roller(mm)Max plate width(mm)Main motor power(kw)

4 Roll Plate Roller

The biggest benefit a 4 roll plate roller has over 2 roll and 3 roll bending machines is it makes bending processes easier and simpler.

These machines are fully capable of performing the same functions as a 2 or 3 roll machines. Some models also can perform similar functions as a press brake.

Furthermore, 4 roll benders make it possible to create rectangular and square-shaped output by carefully bending the metal in specific areas as it passes through the machine.

Geometry plate benders are also capable of creating a variety of geometric shapes, like cones, and can be used to create 2 roll and 3 roll bending output.

4 roll Plate roller is suitable for the bending forming work of sheet metal. It can roll round, curved and conical workpieces within a certain range, and has the function of pre-bending at the end of the plate. The remaining straight edges are small, the work efficiency is high, and it can be on the machine. The metal sheet was initially leveled.

It is one of the most reliable rolling machine for manufacturing industry. It is a universal machine, which can roll multi-segment arc shape, o-shape, square, circular, arc, etc. It can also equip with the man-machine dialogue CNC system with a high degree of automation.


The material plate pre-bending only needs to be loaded once.

It can be bending up in many shapes, including round, curved, and tapered under certain conditions.

The plate pre-bending straight plate is smaller.

The material plate can be directly shaped and flattened on the equipment.

It can satisfy the whole range of sheet metal rolling

High degree of automation

Can be equipped with automatic up and down feeding devices.

Can also do simple plastic work on the sheet metal.


The pre-curving straight line is more than 1.5 times the thickness of the plate.

In addition to the above common plate rolls, there are some special rolls, such as vertical rolls, stiffened drum rolls, and ship rolls, etc.

4 Roll Plate roller