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profile benders ecpert,roll bender vendor, Section bending machine

profile benders ecpert,roll bender vendor, Section bending machine
Profile bending machines

The Modulus of Elasticity in Static Bending616304575100140180260320400500
Rolling Speed(m/min)6554
Yield Limit(Mpa)△S=250△S=250
Angle Steel InturnMax.section(mm)40×570×880×890×10100×10120×12140×16150×16160×16180×14200×18200×20
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)80010001200150020002500240026002600360036004000
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)400550560600600720100012001200150014001600
Angle Steel OutturnMax.section(mm)50×580×890×10100×10120×12140×16150×16160×16180×14200×15200×24250×25
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)80010001100130016001800220020002500360036004000
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)40055050060070076080010001000130015001600
Channel Steel InturnChannel steel model81216202528303236404550
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)600800800100011001700120015001800200020002400
Channel Steel OutturnChannel steel model81216202528303236404550
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)7008001000115016001700170018001800200020002400
Flat Steel Bend HorizontallyMax.section(mm)100×18150×25180×25200×30220×40250×40280×50300×50330×50360×60400×75500×76
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)60070080090010001200130015001900200024002400
Flat Steel Bend VerticallyMax.section(mm)50x1275x1690x20100×25110x40120x40150x40180×30190×40190×50200x50200×60
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)500760800100011001300150020002000240022002500
Steel PipeMax.section(mm)42×476×4.589×589×8114×5159×5168×6168×8219×8245×8273×8323×10
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)50075090090012002000200020003500300035004200
Steel RodMax.section(mm)385262758590100110120135150160
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)45060060080010001100120013001350180020002000
Square TubeMax.section(mm)45×360×470×480×690×8100×10125×10140×10150×10165×10180×12200×12
Min.u-bend dia.(mm)7509001000120016002000250030003000350035005000

Profile bending machines


Profile bending machine is high-efficient process equipment used to bend angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, flat steel, side steel, round steel and so on.

One time feeding can complete rolling round and corrective round working procedure, it is widely used in the petroleum, chemical industry, water and electricity, shipbuilding and machine manufacture and other business lines.Three work rollers as main drive rollers.

Upper roller position is fixed. Support rollerdo arc run around fixed return center, which is helpful for ensuring the bending quality of asymmetrical section.

This Profile bending machine which is of advanced structure, reliable operation and complete in function is sophisticated section form equipment in domestic and abroad.


Programmable touch screen

Movable operation table

3 axis are drove by hydraulic motor and reducer sub-axis.

Machine frame intergral quenching eliminate stress, never deformation.

The axis through special hardening treatment and grinding.

Standard hardening mould, can bend flat steel, square steel, angle steel, etc.

Bidirectional hydraulic side guide.

Vertical or horzontal discharge according to working enviroment.


Only need to configure a set of mold, saving huge mold fee

No need to buy another mold can be rolled angle, channel, flat steel, square steel, round roll, H-beam.

Profile Mending Machine
Angle bending machine

Profile bending machine(angle bending rolls) is the curve down section of the winding machine. This section bending machine(profile roll benders) can be a complete material pre bending and roll profile round and round the school process. The two lower rollers of the machine are mainly driven by three working rollers. The upper roll position is fixed, and two side rollers move around the fixed center of rotation. Machine hydraulic control, liquid crystal display, display precision of 0.1mm, is conducive to the control of the forming process.The two sides are provided with a supporting roller device, which is favorable for ensuring the rolling quality of the unsymmetrical section profile.

The four roller bending machine(Profile bending machine) of advanced structure, full function, is the profile at home and abroad advanced equipment, can be placed vertically or horizontally according to user information.

Rerformance characteristics:

  1. Steel base and frame with high rigidity;
  2. Machine have good rigidity, with low center of gracity and smooth running;
  3. With small pressure loss and lower heat comes on;
  4. CNC control, with multifunction and flexible operation.
Profile Mending Machine
Angle bending machine