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Curve down three roller rolling machine

3 roller bending machine

Curve down three roller rolling machine with steel plate end pre bending function, can be rolled into the round and curved conical workpiece. Roll up and down movement of the machine, the whole horizontal movement of the two lower roller; the three rollers are driven roller. Automatic leveling, by the microcomputer control, digital display. The machine integrating machine, electricity, liquid, and the action between the mutual interlocking protection.

This Curve Down 3 Roller Plate Rolling Machine has the functions of absolute leveling, relative leveling, automatic to middle, power off memory, fault self diagnosis and so on. The curve down 3 roller Plate Rolling Machine with high precision, complete function, low energy consumption, is the ideal Curve down rolling machine for bending.



  1. The lower roller can move in the horizontal direction.
  2. Rolling Cone cylinder is extremely convenient.
  3. Steel plate end pressure head (pre elbow)

Equipped with a balancing mechanism on the tail of the upper roller, all the movements of the rolling machine are controlled by the electrical centralized control. With a separate console, easy to operate. Roller bearings work roll bearings are used to improve the work efficiency of the machine. The whole machine capacity reduced to energy-saving new products.

The equipment can roll thick 1mm-80mm, board width 8000mm sheet.


Safety and protection:

1.Curve down three roller rolling machine shall have reliable safety protection or protective devices and shall comply with the requirements of CJB 17120.
2.When the moving part of the coiler moves to the extreme position, it should generally have safety protection measures or set safety protection devices.
3.When the curve down three roller rolling machine works, it should have reliable interlock protection measures;
4.Bending machines should have reliable overload protection devices.When working at full load, the normal operation of the coiling machine shall be guaranteed. When a super-load condition occurs, the protection device shall ensure that the important parts such as the rack, work rolls and hydraulic cylinders of the coiling machine are not damaged.
5.Parts that are easily loosened by the coiler should be equipped with anti-loose devices.
6.Except for the movable exposed parts except for the coiling machine working series, they should be painted in accordance with relevant standards.
7.Curve down three roller rolling machine instruction manual shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 19 of GB 17120-1997, shall have safety precautions and related warning content, and shall explain the measures to ensure personal safety in addition to the provisions. 

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After-Sale Service

The warranty time for this arc down-adjusting 3-roller rolling equipment in our company is one year.

Within the warranty time, we will reply within 24 hours if there is any big failure.

Our company can provide free service for repair and maintenance for this plate rolling machine during the warranty time.

Our company is responsible for any spare parts needed by customers. The changed parts' warranty will be from the date when they are changed.

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